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To report a lost or stolen debit or ATM card after business hours call (888) 849-6046.


Custom Debit Card
Proudly display your favorite photo on your business debit card! A Custom Card from Marine allows you to select the image you would like to have printed on your debit card. Show off your children, grandchildren, pets, trade symbol or any image you choose every time you use your debit card!

  • Design your own unique debit card
  • Use your best photo or choose one from our galleries

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Merchant Services
  • Increase your overall cash flow and reduce your operating costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction by offering them multiple payment options
  • Speed up the checkout process and increase your average sales
  • Protect your business from losses caused by bad checks and having large sums of cash on hand
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Term Loans
  • Obtain financing for funding receivables, inventory purchases, payroll, new equipment or machinery, purchase of a new building, business expansion or debt consolidation
  • Secure your loan with business assets or real estate
  • Make monthly payments easily by having them automatically debited from a Marine checking account
  • Receive fast answers since all loan decisions are made locally
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